Wa Bi Gin Mars…

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Wa Bi Gin Mars Beauty Gin

Size: 700ml

Wa Bi Gin (45% ABV) is made from a base of rice that was distilled twice to create a rice spirit. The gin is an expression of terroir with local botanicals from Kagoshima: juniper berries, cinnamon leaf, shell ginger, bitter orange, yuzu, kumquat, lemon, ginger, green tea, perilla (shiso).

The name means ‘Japan Beautiful Gin’ with the label displaying the local botanicals is a traditional ornate design.

Colour: Clear
Nose: green tea, fresh aromas of ginger and cinnamon on the nose
Palate: Wa Bi Gin is a dry style of gin with a bold citrus profile that makes it well suited to a Martini
Finish: an acidic flavour of bitter orange to finish