Super Nikka (Miniature 50ml…

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Super Nikka (Miniature 50ml x12)

Size: Miniature(50ml)/ 43% (Japan)

This mini set of 12 x 50 bottles is from one of Nikka’s classic brands, the Super Nikka was introduced to the market in 1962. Its luxuriant aroma, gentle hints of peat and scent of vanilla and chocolate are all in harmony, and its flavor is smooth, rounded and well-balanced.

It was blended heavy and powerful malt with ornate malt, and cafe grain. Exquisite harmony in which different sake plays overlap. A powerful scent with mellow and mature gorgeous fragrance, a fragrance of peaceful peat continues, it becomes a soft finish and disappears. In order to make whiskey loved by people, the soul of Masataka Taketsuru who poured hearts into the blend is put in a drop.

Colour: Gold
Nose: Gorgeous fragrance and soft peat. Sweet barrel aged incense with woody reminiscent of vanilla and chocolate. Rich and deep scent.
Palate: A smooth mouthfeel that is produced by blending with a cafe grain. A well-balanced, mellow and comfortable drink.
Finish: Sweet finish of calm peat and ripe fruit.