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The Nikka 12 Years Old Whisky (700ml)

Size: Regular (700ml)/ 43% (Japan)

The Nikka 12 Years Old Whisky is a premium blend which was released in 2014 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Yoichi distillery. Nikka’s first distillery Yoichi is known for producing rich and peaty malt. The traditional method of direct heating distillation is used at Yoichi – pot stills are heated with finely powdered natural coal, producing whiskies with unique aroma and flavour.


The Nikka 12 Years Old Whisky is a premium blended whisky with an amazing level of complexity. This expression focusses primarily on aged single malts, with only a small proportion of grain whiskies contributing to the blend. The flavour profile is smooth and well balanced. A fruity nose features overtones of spice and honey, followed by a complex palate of chocolate, fruit and flowers, with a long, smooth finish.


The Nikka 12 Years Old Whisky is presented in an elegant asymmetrical bottle inspired by the neck of a Kimono. Now becoming increasingly rare, this collectable Japanese whisky is a celebration of tradition and quality.


The Japanese Quality Whisky Society is proud to offer the largest allocation of this unique whisky available in Australia.  Our supply of this line also allows us to offer the lowest price for you to buy The Nikka 12 Years Old Whisky online.


2015 – Good Design Award
2017 – ISC Gold Medal

This product makes the ratio of malt higher than the ratio of grain, and it is a genuine sweet and mellow taste of grain though it is felt firmly of the malt richness. In addition, by re-storing (marriage) in oak for several months, harmonious deliciousness is achieved.

Colour: Rich amber
Nose: A rich malt scent and gorgeous fruits and bouquets. Sweet barrel aged fragrance, reminiscent of vanilla and caramel.
Palate: Mild and smooth taste. Light taste with extended taste, which is consistent with a firm malt rich and soft sweetness of the cafe grain.
Finish: Sweet and rich aroma like cocoa or cookie, accompanied by spice, bitter slightly, continues comfortably.