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THE KURAYOSHI PURE MALT Whisky 12 Years Old (700ml)

Size: Regular(700ml)/ 43% (Japan)

It is imported whisky which is distilled and matured in the northern part of Scotland and the whisky is brewed in a cooperative distillation factory in Japan, Matsui Sake brewer’s blender
vatting. It was aged in a barrel in the wilderness of Kurayoshi city, Tottori prefecture. Bottled water by adjusting the mellow underwater flow of the Oyama mountain range.
Matured for over 12 years over carefully selected oak barrels. It has a deep, heavy, rich aroma and sweet and fresh fruit incense.

The aroma of nuts and almonds and massive malt aroma spread throughout the mouth, fair vanilla, raisins and faint smoky are also felt and periodicals in which the balance of sweetness, bitter, acidity stand out.

Colour: Gold