Black Nikka Rich Blend (700ml)

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Black Nikka Rich Blend (700ml)

Size: Regular(700ml)/ 40% (Japan)

Rich taste born from the glamor of Sherry barrel malt and the sweetness of Coffey grain.
In search of blended deep whiskey with ease of drinking and rich fragrance and richness. It was a rich harmony of coffey grains boasted by Sherry barrel malt.
Malt whisky brewing with sherry barrels, wearing a fruity and ornate scent. A coffey grain that feels a subtle sweetness and firmness.
Each personality blends and leads a long lingering finish. Rock that mellows slowly, enjoying it slowly. High bowl to enjoy the fruity scent rising with bubbles, carefully. It is rich blend that you can fully enjoy the taste of well-balanced whiskey to your heart ‘s content.

The gentle sherry barrel malt and the sweetness of the cafe grain blend together, a rich blend.

Colour: Gold
Nose: Fruity and gorgeous malt aroma, sweet and soft barrel scent.
Palate: Sweet taste with smooth mouth feel, Sherry barrel sake and cafe grain harmonized.
Finish: A fruit incense like dried fruits and a lingering finish.


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