The name AMAHAGAN is derived from NAGAHAMA spelt backwards! Clever isn’t it!

The smallest craft distillery in Japan making headways on the world award stage. Nagahama distillery in the northern part of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. Japan’s smallest class distillery that only started operation in November 2016. These craft whiskies are made in this small distillery famously known in the region for its unique shape alembic pot stills, that makes you feel the very origin of artisan whisky making. The newmake spirit from these unique pot stills have a rich, floral and malty character. The Amahagan ‘Blended World Malt’ series are unashamedly world malt blends, due to the shortage of local malt in Japan, however the blending, finishing and more all takes place at Nagahama Distillery. The whiskies are filtered using the purest of water in Japan and finished in the finest oak from many forms. Made in the whisky style we have all come to love and enjoy from Japan, these malts have been awarded highly recently at the world whisky awards 2020, and are likely to sell out year upon year due to small batch hand crafted whiskies, luckily JQWS has continuity of supply as a major partner with Nagahama Distillery… for now.

Nagahama Distillery Master Blender is Takashi Kiyoi. This master blender and small team of three are definitely honing their craft of creating unique blends, whilst playing with wood infusions of great flavoursome rich oaks at its best. A total of only 9 ranges are released from this small and unique craft distillery. Amahagan range consist of 4 unique lines, infused different oak finishes, that are blended world 100% malts sourced from Japan, as well as imported world regions. The Whiskies are 47% ABV, 700ml and craft blended and finished in Japan for a minimum of three years. The “Nagahama New Makeup 59 ° are locally sourced and made in Japan. These unique clear whiskies consist of variations of malt & grain through the range and are finished in precious quercus crispula barrels in the distillery, 59% ABV and 500ml, hand labelled. The New Makeup 59’s are extremely limited release, and we get the first dib’s yearly at these releases. The final whisky is a 75% ABV proof newmake, which is available mostly only at distillery door. Single Malts are set to release in the future.


The blended malt series “AMAHAGAN” was created by focusing on “blending”, which is the most important process for whiskey making for the release of single malt in the future. Bottling with a high alcohol content of 47% to maximize its malty flavour.

The round malt scent derived from Nagahama malt and the fruitiness and depth reminiscent of orange chocolate are intricately intertwined, and the sweet scent of vanilla wraps the whole. After a rich attack in your mouth, you can enjoy the gorgeous finish that goes through your nose. The nose is fruity and floral with lemon zest, mango, and grilled pineapple. The taste is spicy with a citrus tartness and notes of lemon pepper, grilled pineapple, honey, and orange peel. The finish is medium-length with a touch of citrus and a hint of lingering spice

IWSC 2019 – Bronze

World Whisky Awards 2020 Bronze

Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2020 – Bronze

SFWSC 2020 – Silver

TWSC 2021 –  Silver


700mL, ABV 47%