Whisky... The Good Stuff.

“There’s no such thing as a bad Whisky, some Whiskies just happen to be better than others” William Faulkner

‘For relaxing times, make it Suntory time’ Lost in translation “Bill Murray

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.” Mark Twain

”Brother, Ye Brother fill this tiny cup of mine, and please Sir make it Whisky I have no head for Wine” Nick Cave

” Whisky making is an act of cooperation between the blessings of nature and the Wisdom of Man.”Masataka Taketsuru

History on Japanese Whisky

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Do you hold a liquor licence?…..Great, sign up today and unlock direct import prices delivered directly to your venue. As the exclusive distributor for brands such as Shinobu, Shin, Impact and more, we guarantee the best price direct! This website is fully automated to receive wholesale orders & be dispatched within 48h. Register an account now, follow the prompts and spirits will be directly delivered to your venue. Easy..

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We supply a range of wholesale liquor distributors, national retailers and venues across the country. In addition, JQWS supplies many of our competitor partners whom list our products both online and direct.

Our direct distribution model also services nationally across Australia, and soon to come in 2020 New Zealand.

We have a online direct retail store that services the public, delivers door to door in one click


Japanese Quality Whisky Society portfolio of products are chosen with three things in mind, Quality, Unique ‘point of difference’ & Value.

We locate products that over deliver for the price, and that offer exceptional quality of spirit as well as excellent packaging.

JQWS are the direct importers, we have direct purchasing arrangements with an array of distilleries for our exclusive portfolio & parallel imports from Japan.

We encourage our competitors to work together to continue to build awareness and interest to the Japanese spirit world here in Australia. We are actively involved in PR, events and welcome new and involving partnerships.

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Our collection of Japanese whiskies has been carefully curated to ensure you receive quality authentic spirits.

All spirits are 100% authentic and direct from Japan. Clearly classified ‘made in Japan’ for some ranges or a ‘product of Japan’  now for most. A ‘product of Japan’ is generally a blended ‘world malt’, and that doesn’t mean the quality is any less.

All 100% certified by a certificate of origin when imported, under the certification of being distilled within Japan. JQWS is a repeatable company and we ensure all spirits listed are verified origin from Japan.

J-Members may unlock extremely rare and valuable collectors items when available for release from Japan. All gift boxed, certificates of authenticity and origins. These include our parallel import products such as Yamazaki, Hibiki, ChiChibu & Nikka. These lines are on pre-order allocations and generally not available to the wholesale market as collectible items.

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